1. Woot! (at Columbus Ohio)

  2. Uncle Giles’ car full of oddities provides endless entertainment for the nephews. #tintravels (at Columbus, Ohio)

  3. This morning I’m thankful for my car. She just rolled over 300,000 miles after carrying us safely through 48 states, five provinces, 282 feet below sea level, over 12,000 foot passes and from coast to coast nine times. #bmwagon @bmwusa #zeegermans #e39 (at I 75 N)

  4. Just had the great pleasure of watching All Them Witches call down the gods of thunder, lightning and torrential rains in Nashville. Killer set fellas. @allthemwitchesband #nashville (at Live On The Green Music Festival)

  5. Zeiss with his best buds @allthemwitchesband we’re hanging around an extra day to catch their Live On The Green set tomorrow night in Nashville. #psychadelta #zeissers

  6. Best egg/cheese/bacon sandwiche in Nashville, thanks for the late breakfast Kathy. #mybreakfastchef (at Mitchell Delicatessen)

  7. Zeiss v. Annie (at Out East-Nashville, TN.)

  8. My Nashville family, Jason and Miranda. Thanks for the home away from home :) @goodbuddymusic1 #tintype #tintravels (at Third Man Rolling Record Store)

  9. One of my favorite plates from Third man, thank you Bonnie and Era! And huge thanks to @thirdmanrecordsofficial for hosting me #tintype #tintravels (at Third Man Rolling Record Store)

  10. Jason v. Puddle

  11. Santa comes to @thirdmanrecordsofficial for a tintype! Wooo! @jerriehug #donteffthisup #plznocoal (at Third Man Rolling Record Store)

  12. Miguel and Lindsey in the truly epic @thirdmanrecordsofficial blue room. #tintype #elephantagram #tintravels (at Third Man Rolling Record Store)

  13. A good day starts with a great breakfast. Thanks for the grub Clay! #mybreakfastchef #hermitagecafe (at Hermitage Cafe)

  14. Flight lessons with @ruthielindsey #eastnash (at Cornelia Fort Airpark)

  15. Made it to @thirdmanrecordsofficial can’t wait to see who we capture there this weekend! #tintravels #zeissers (at Third Man Rolling Record Store)