1. Filipe, another timeless soul captured with my 165 year old lens. Can’t wait to see who’s soul I can steal this weekend in the @squarespace studio at @newportfolkfest if you’re coming to the festival make sure to stop by and say hello. #tintype #tintravels #roadtonewport (at Newport Folk Festival)

  2. Made it! @newportfolkfest (at Newport Folk Festival)

  3. I love the smell of freshly varnished tintypes. Thank you Boston! @pioneergoods @skowhegandrygoods #tintype

  4. The marvelous couple behind @skowhegandrygoods thanks so much for hosting me Katie and Todd #tintype #tintravels

  5. Someone’s spying on our rooftop dinner. #zeissers (at Somerville, Massachusetts)

  6. Just one of tintype portraits we made tonight at Pioneer Goods in South Boston. Thank you everyone who came out and gave just a bit of your soul to my camera. Massive thanks to Justin @pioneergoods for hosting me in your marvelous shop, hopefully I’ll be back again soon. #tintravels #tintype (at Pioneer Goods Co.)

  7. My gorgeous studio for the night with the good people at @pioneergoods come by and have your tintype made, 6-9pm. #tintravels #southend #boston #tintype (at Pioneer Goods Co.)

  8. Good night Bean Town. (at Boston Harbor)

  9. I’m pretty sure I’m ready for tomorrow. Thanks @eliz_dupre for helping adjust the camera to Boston levels of gorgeous. Come get your own tomorrow evening 6-9 at @pioneergoods in South End. #tintravels #tintype #southend (at Pioneer Goods Co.)

  10. I’m doing some test shooting this afternoon and lining things up for tomorrow night at Pioneer Goods. Justin is the man behind this awesome shop and owner of the bluest pair of baby blues on the planet. #tintype @pioneergoods #boston #southend (at Pioneer Goods Co.)

  11. This is why I go to antique stores… And why my dog questions my sanity. (at “Freight House Antiques”)

  12. Best thing about my switch to drinking tea? Leftover coffee filters. #tintype @oliv3

  13. Ben of All Them Witches, a band which I’ve been mildly obsessed with since day one. Give em a listen @allthemwitchesband #tintype

  14. Warren turned 103 this year and was kind enough to have me over for a few hours this afternoon. Anyone who takes a hot air balloon ride on their 100th birthday is someone I want to meet. #thecentenarians #tintype #tintravels (at Jamaica, Vermont)

  15. Ashley.